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Prior to 1969, Australia did not have a national number for emergency services; the police, fire and ambulance services possessed many phone numbers, one for each local unit.


The Authority Members have the overall responsibility for the corporate governance of ESTA.

In particular, the Members are responsible for:
  • Setting the strategic direction, objectives and targets of the business for the benefit of all stakeholders;
  • Monitoring and assessing performance of the business and of management against the agreed strategies, targets and objectives;
  • Identifying significant areas of business risk;
  • Ensuring that procedures and internal controls are established to manage such risks;
  • Ensuring that policies regarding appropriate ethical standards are established;
  • Ensuring compliance in legal and ethical matters;
  • Reporting to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services through the Chairperson;
  • Appointing the Chief Executive Officer and undertaking his/her performance reviews;
  • Ensuring that appropriately skilled management are employed and provided with direction to manage the business and implement the initiatives required to achieve the objectives and targets of the business.

The Authority Members are: 

  • Mr Howard Ronaldson (Chairman)

  • Ms Siobhan Boyd-Squires (Member)

  • Ms Christine Collin (Member)

  • Ms Mary Delahunty (Member) 

  • Ms Peita Duncan (Member)

  • Ms Flavia Gobbo (Member)

  • Mr Toby Hemming (Member)

  • Mr Paul Henderson (Member).

ESTA Calltaker

"ESTA cannot send help if it doesn't know where the emergency is - knowing your location is essential"

Last updated 3rd March, 2017
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