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We prefer the phrase "Triple Zero" over "Triple Oh" because of potential confusion when using alphanumeric keypads which could cause people to incorrectly dial "666" in an emergency, not Triple Zero (000).

Download Emergency+ App to pinpoint your location

With 65% of emergency calls in Australia coming from mobile phones, knowing your exact location to tell the 000 operator is crucial. When you're dealing with emergencies, every second counts. Download the Emergency+ app today.

The Emergency+ app uses the existing GPS functionality of smartphones to enable callers to provide 000 call-takers with their location information. Latitude and longitude details can be relayed to the 000 operator as well as an address and suburb details.

You can also use the app to call Triple Zero (000) when you require police, fire or ambulance, or the 132 500 number for VICSES in flood and storm situations.

More than 65% of incoming calls to 000 nationally are now made from mobile phones. In many cases, people aren’t aware of their location, especially if they are in open space areas like beaches, parks, long stretches of roads.

Please note the Police Assistance Line (PAL) 131 444 is not used in Victoria. Call 000 if you require police assistance or you can find your local Victorian police station here.

The Emergency+ app is available for free:

iTunes - Available on the App Store 

Google Play - Get it on Google Play

Windows - Download from Windows Phone Store

More information about the app on the Emergency+ website.


ESTA Operator

"Only call Triple Zero (000) if you need emergency help from police, fire or ambulance"

Last updated 13th May, 2016
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